January can be a busy time for job hunting and with the bleak weather and far too little daylight for anyone’s liking (unless you’re a bat or a vampire…) you might already be finding yourself getting a little disheartened with it all.  More often than not you’ll find yourself wrestling with many other hopefuls for all the best jobs, as like lemmings we’ve all decided January is the ‘must get a new job month’.

But  take heart brave job seekers, you’ve entered the fray with your eyes on the prize and must believe that quality will out – it’s not always the bully boys (or girls!) who win the race, so hang in there and don’t quit just yet, as the next job you apply for might just be the one made for you.

If it all gets a bit too much and you’re feeling jaded from the process just give yourself a month off the hunt, refocus on your goals and what you want to achieve next, then attack the job market once again with renewed vigour when you’re ready. There will always be terrific jobs out there for terrific people who really want them – sometimes it’s just a question of right place, right time …  and a little touch of luck.. and we just might be able to help you with that…. 😉


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