Here at New Page Recruitment we are devoted types, our aim is to find you as a job seeker that perfect job and do what we can to get you there. As a result we often spend a lot of time working with candidates on CV presentation, and time and time again the issues are the same. Now it’s easy for us to be ‘critical’, we see CVs day in day out and have a pretty good idea what a good employer likes to see, but we do appreciate CV writing can be tedious at best (and that’s if you even know where to start….!) so we aim over the next few blogs to offer a little wisdom in this tricky area, and as ever you’re welcome to drop us a line or give us a ring to discuss in more detail.

So let’s start by remembering a CV is a factual document, we can’t write it for you and never do, but recruiters can usually tell a candidate’s dedication and sincerity about a job search by the efforts they employ at this early stage – and after all, if you’re happy to send any old tosh out there you might be disappointed when the job offers don’t come rolling in! So work with us, discuss with us (nope we’re not always right…) but it’s great to share opinions and chew it over together – a problem shared is a problem halved after all….

We believe there’s room for you to inject plenty of ‘you’ in a CV too (and no we’re absolutely not talking wacky humorous anecdotes and cringe-worthy sayings scattered all over the place…there are other formats more appropriate for you to display that much personality!!!) Nor do we mean writing your CV in purple and gold Italic (our own founder Alison remembers… centuries ago admittedly… proudly creating her first CV on special pale blue paper with a leaf design around the edge….euck!) We just mean make yourself sound like a real person!  At the end of the day people hire people, and chemistry in all its forms, be it at job interview or on the page is all important.

There’s certainly a lot to be said for succinct too – graduates take note, we’ve received CVs from Managing Directors which fit on one page – honestly you don’t need three pages when you’re just starting out… We know, half the problem is what to leave out of a CV, but we’ve all been there – every qualification earned, every job tackled, every gold star achieved – they all seem important and you want to include them. But stop a minute and think, what journey do you want your CV to take you on? What job is your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? What you include and what you leave out could mean the difference between one quite specific job and another (you might have a real mix of analytics and account management in your career for instance, but if all you want is to be an analyst moving forward then these are the areas you need to be telling the world about in more detail.) Include everything you’re proud of and over time let the rest fade ever further into the background as you steer your career journey closer to your end goal.

It’s important to reiterate we are absolute advocates of honesty here at New Page Recruitment, ‘don’t ever put anything in that isn’t true on your CV’ is a very simple mantra to follow! But equally don’t be too modest either – if you did it and did it well, only you can tell your next potential employer – so write it down and perhaps take out something else that isn’t as relevant if you need the room.

Watch this space for more tips on CV writing and interview preparation, your job hunt is an important journey and we’d love to be your guide!

Quick recap:

  • Be honest but not modest – we don’t know how great you are if you don’t tell us!
  • Succinct – don’t over-elaborate skills that aren’t relevant for your future career journey
  • If you get stuck – ask us for a steer….!Good luck with whatever you do today  🙂