So you work from home but you’re missing that team environment? Yes some of us are lucky enough to have that work life balance but is it a double edged sword? You don’t need to feel isolated, there are plenty ways to engage with the outside world even from your home office, just think laterally and remember why you wanted this arrangement in the first place….

Speaking personally I enjoy the responsibility of managing my own time, but as I also love my personal space ‘loneliness’ has never been a factor. So what are your options? Well first you need to think what you are missing from the team environment – is it the chance to bounce ideas off a colleague?  Maybe you can do that with a friend or an ex-colleague? (Very often once you verbalise the problem you answer your own question as you explain anyway….and it’s not unknown for an outside and unrelated influence to offer a perspective you just hadn’t thought of before) You may well be more self-sufficient than you think, and a catch up with someone who works in your business space once in a while even by phone scratches that itch. There are also a wealth of useful online forums you can utilise, and of course the usual suspects of twitter/ linkedin etc.

Or maybe you miss the ‘Watercooler’ banter. ..? Joining a local gym, popping to your local coffee shop or visiting a friend for lunch might see you right. .. after all what’s the point in flexible working if you still don’t take a lunchbreak…?

I’m guessing you don’t miss the commute to work, or the inappropriately timed fire alarm tests…. we’ll just pause to remember the pros of this arrangement… 😉

We’re often conditioned that we need others to survive, be that in our personal life or within the working world, but strike the balance right and you may well find perfect productive harmony between your job and your free time. The bonus of homeworking is that when you clock off at the end of the day you can hang out with whoever you choose. .., perhaps you don’t need to go down the pub with the crowd from work, maybe your best mate who lives down the road is a better option! (and maybe talking shop ain’t all it’s cracked up to be… Just sayin. … )


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