So you’ve made the decision to shimmy yourself further up the career ladder and the New Year is a traditional time to be thinking of such things. A few important things to consider at this crucial time (quite apart from making sure this isn’t just a knee jerk reaction to not wanting to be at work anywhere after such a lovely break from it all….!) Get the simple stuff sorted and you’ll be projecting a perfect professional image right from the start. Some of these blogs will perhaps be stating the bleeding obvious but we all benefit from a little of this from time to time so bear with us kind folks at New Page Towers eh!

So we start with the phone – Simple simple stuff!  You’re looking for a job now, this will not be a state you’re in for ever, so just for this short time ditch the jokey stuff meant to catch your mates out (you might think it funny but you’re going to have folks like me and potential employers calling you up so bear this in mind!) A simple, polite and clear voicemail your ma would be proud of is all that’s needed for now…honestly… (you can go back to the ever so amusing and witty messages once you’ve got the job of your dreams eh!)

Ciao for now and good luck with whatever you’re up to today 🙂


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