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Ooops we did it again!

Team New Page Recruitment were crowned ‘Brain of Brainwave’ for the second year running so a hearty well done to my fabulously talented team mates Matt and James – I am as ever in awe of the random stuff you have squirreled away in your immense brain cavities! As for...

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Fancy Something Different?

So the British summer isn’t quite delivering yet and your mind might be wandering to warmer climes…. Ever thought about taking your skills to Australia? Here at New Page Recruitment we’ve got a long reach all the way across the world to fantastic locations like...

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Happy 1st Birthday New Page Recruitment!!!

Happy 1st Birthday New Page Recruitment!!! It’s been an incredible journey so far, we’ve matched some very wonderful candidates with some equally wonderful new employers and importantly also given a little back to some very deserving charities. The year ahead sees us...

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Who’s a clever Charity Quiz team then?!

Team ‘New Page Against the Machine’ were last night crowned ‘Brain of Brainwave’ in the first Quiz held by this marvellous Charity. Our MD couldn’t be prouder – the questions were tough (I mean really, seriously tough!) but we held our nerve and were ultimately...

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Where will my CV take me?

Here at New Page Recruitment we are devoted types, our aim is to find you as a job seeker that perfect job and do what we can to get you there. As a result we often spend a lot of time working with candidates on CV presentation, and time and time again the issues are...

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Wrestling for the best jobs….

January can be a busy time for job hunting and with the bleak weather and far too little daylight for anyone’s liking (unless you’re a bat or a vampire…) you might already be finding yourself getting a little disheartened with it all.  More often than not you’ll find...

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Hello…is it me you’re looking for?

So you’ve made the decision to shimmy yourself further up the career ladder and the New Year is a traditional time to be thinking of such things. A few important things to consider at this crucial time (quite apart from making sure this isn’t just a knee jerk reaction...

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Home Alone?

So you work from home but you're missing that team environment? Yes some of us are lucky enough to have that work life balance but is it a double edged sword? You don’t need to feel isolated, there are plenty ways to engage with the outside world even from your home...

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Busy times at New Page Towers

Well things have been mighty busy here at New Page Towers whilst we hustle ourselves into action! Spurred on by the support and encouragement of friends, ex colleagues (and not forgetting the folks….) our fearless founder has started on her journey of independence,...

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